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Events Calendar

March 2018

Mar 3rd Saturday, Annual All-Day Women's Aikido Seminar, Aikido of Santa Cruz. Linda Holiday, 6th Dan, and Penny Sablove, 5th Dan, with Kimberly Richardson, 6th Dan, as guest instructor. See aikidosantacruz.org for more information.
Mar 10th Saturday, Class taught by Danielle Smith Sensei at Aikido of Berkeley. Yondan test for Rob Pierce (AOM shodan/nidan). Times to be announced.
Mar 17th Saturday, Celebration Seminar for Spring, and Smith Sensei's promotion to 7th Dan. AOM, 10:00 - 12:30. Includes an Aiki Kids and Aiki Mites Demo and the last half hour of "all dojo." Training: $30, Observing: $10 - includes brunch. See flyer.
Mar 24th Special Focus: Zen Meditation with Scott Stillenger. 11:45 - 1:00. Free and open to the public.

April 2018

Apr 7th Doran Sensei seminar at AOM. 10am to 4:30pm. $70. See flyer.
Apr 14th Final class at 10th Street. Daniel's Shodan demonstration. Come help clear the dojo following class.

May 2018

May 4th - May 6th Aiki Horizons. Eight Sensei - Pat Hendricks, 7th Dan; Michael Friedl, 7th Dan Shihan; Danielle Smith, 7th Dan; Louis Jumonville, 6th Dan; Jimmy Friedman, 6th Dan; Dennis Evans, 6th Dan; Michael Smith, 6th Dan; and Yvonne Thelwell, 5th Dan. Go to onepointcenter.com to register and for all information. See flyer.
May 19th - May 21st International Aikido Seminar, BASPO Magglingen Sport Hall, Switzerland. Four Sensei - Juerg Steiner, 6th Dan; Danielle Smith, 7th Dan; Jean-Pierre Kunzi, 5th Dan; Rein Ausmees, 5th Dan. For information and registration: www.centre-kumano.ch and centre-kumano@bluewin.ch. See flyer.
May 26th - May 28th Mt Baldy Retreat - Frank McGourik, 7th Dan Shihan; Cyndy Hayashi, 7th Dan Shihan; Danielle Smith, 7th Dan; Michael Smith, 6th Dan; Teja Bell, 6th Dan. Four friends and long-time co-teachers, lead by McGourik Shihan. Aikido, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, meditation and communing with nature. Go to www.aikidoai.com or visit Mt Baldy Retreat on Facebook.

July 2018

Jul 8th Obon Festival at Seaside Buddhist Temple. 1:00pm demonstration by Aikido of Monterey.
Jul 11th - Jul 14th Aikido of Santa Cruz, Summer Retreat. Mary Heiny, Sensei; Linda Holiday, Sensei; and guest instructors, including Danielle Smith, Sensei. For more information go to www.aikidosantacruz.org.

The Art of Peace - Morihei Ueshiba
81 In our techniques we enter completely into, blend totally with, and control firmly an attack. Strength resides where ones ki is concentrated and stable; confusion and maliciousness arise when ki stagnates.
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