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Aikido of Monterey has become a large part of the Aikido community since its beginning in 1973. We are affiliated with California Aikido Association (CAA) and Hombu Dojo (Aikido World Headquarters in Japan). More about AOM.

Sensei Danielle Smith has been practicing Aikido since 1973 and has been chief instructor since 1976. See about teachers.

Adult classes are held 7 days a week for all levels from beginning to advanced. We also offer an active program of classes for youth.

Visitors are always welcome to observe classes. See schedule for class times and levels. Beginning students are welcome on an ongoing basis.

Koshi Nage
Sensei Danielle Smith
demonstrating "koshi nage"
What's New

AOM Celebrates 42 years! 1973-2015

Bring Peace into your year with Aikido at Aikido of Monterey. See flyer.

January 31 -  Saturday, Special Focus: Zen Meditation with Scott Stillenger. 11:45 - 1:00. Free and open to the public.

February 14 & 15 -  Mary Heiny Sensei at Aikido of Santa Cruz. Saturday, 10:30-4:30, Sunday, 10:30-1:00. $75 for 2-day seminar. Details in the newsletter.

February 19 - Bring in the Year of the Sheep! Train in the 5:30 class and then join us at Chong's. Eat all the proper foods for an auspicious year and write intentions which will be on the Kamiza for the entire year.

February 21 - Saturday, Special Focus: Zen Meditation with Scott Stillenger. 11:45 - 1:00. Free and open to the public.

February 21 & 22 - Bi-Annual Division II training, and training and meeting. See Newsletter for details.

The Art of Peace - Morihei Ueshiba
30 Each and every master, regardless of the era or place, heard the call and attained harmony with heaven and earth. There are many paths leading to the top of Mount Fuji, but there is only one summit - love.
Aikido of Monterey · 1251 10th Street, Monterey CA 93940 · info@aikidomonterey.com · 831.375.8106

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